The Beewon guesthouse is...

 -The person who want to have happy trip with cheap price.
 -The person who want to meet people from other countries.
 -The group who want to stay together.

 The Beewon guesthouse is...

 The Beewon guesthouseis not a simple lodging place, is the place where everybody including forien people and the Korean young can meet and   have a conversation.
 Moreover, if you make your new friends or if you want to lodge only with cheap price, we can recommend our guesthouse strongly!! AND you   can have a light breakfast~!!

 Welcome to the Beewon guesthouse~
 Thank you~~
Many forieners are visiting the Beewon guesthouse which is located near one of famous palaces, Chang-duk palace, and it is absolutely safe place where student, couple, the old, long time guest can stay at.
  *** Beewon Guesthouse ***
Dormitory room
  Dormitory room is the cheapest room. The people who are young or who want to stay for long time or who are with Korean friends
Korean style room
 This room is really good at relax your tired body by traveling. The beewon guesthouse make boiler system working for all day in the winter, therefore, you can feel like home in comfort. This is suitable for family or the old because it has wide inside space.
Double room
 This kind of room is been able to use for double room or single room as well. In the low season, you can stay in this room for single room and three people can use this. It will be suitable to person who do not want sleep in bed .
 The Beewon guesthouse is located near In-sa dong, Chang-duk palace, Nam-san, Jong-myo, Jong-ro, city hall, Gwang-hwa-mun and famous variety  Korean restarants.
 The Beewon guesthouse is the place where anybody including business man, families and student because of range of rooms and cheap price.
 There is disacount system for every guest up to how long guest stay.
 Please inquire anything you want to know, and we will help you immediately~!!!

  BEEWON GUEST HOUSE    we're welcome to you all who are planning to visit korea.

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