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 Beewon guesthouse Map
The beewon guesthouse in center of Seoul is located near In-sa dong where most foreigner want to visit and it takes about 7-8 minute and Jong-no where is always exiting and witch is full of the young and business men.
Moreover, Chang-duk palace and Jong-myo which are located as National Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world and there are Korean restaurants and Korean traditional houses very near here.
What more, you can reach to city hall and Myoung-dong where is famous place to go shopping on foot.
There are cinemas and huge book stores as well.

Information : +82-2-765-0607
 How to find the Beewon guesthouse
  1. after coming to out through Jong-no-3(sam)-ga station exit 7 (line 1), please go straight
     following the exit 7 direction.
     You can see a KB bank's parking lot on the left hand side in 3-4 minutes.
     Then you can find the Beewon guesthouse behind the parking lot.
     ( caution : there is no door in the beewon guest's parking lot to come in )

  2. After coming to out through Anguk station exit 4 (line 3), then turn left and follow the
      road to a three corners,
      then turn right and go straight for a minute KB bank's parking lot
     ( caution : there is no door in the beewon guest's parking lot to come in )

 The way from the Inchon international airport
 * limousine bus
  - Number : 6011
  - The bus stop number : 5B, 12A
  - It takes around 80 minutes
  - Price : About 9,000 Won
   Limousine bus arrives at Changduk-gung(Palace), you have to turn right. After this, go straight
   for 1 minute, then you can find the Beewon guesthouse.
   ( The map above will help you to find the guesthouse )

 The way from the Gimpo airport
  - subway ( underground ) : line 1,3,5 Jong-no-3(sam)-ga station exit 7. It takes around 50 minutes.
  - taxi : when you use taxi, it takes around 40 minutes and charges 12,000~14,000 Won.


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